The program curriculum is the same for master’s and doctoral courses. The Master’s completion requires 20 credits; the doctorate, 16 credits.
Below are the optional subjects linked to each line of research (with the respective number of credits) and academic disciplines and activities common to all lines, some of which are mandatory. The menus to the subjects can be found in the Program website in Portuguese.

Socio-spatial Planning and dynamics
Contemporary Aspects of Urban and Metropolitan Planning (3)
Formation of the Brazilian Urban Network (3)
Geoprocessing in Parametric Modeling of Territorial Occupation (3)
Theories of Space and Urban Planning (4)
Planning, management of cities and collective manifestations (4)

Production, design and experience of space
Contemporary production of urban space (3)
Architecture as an interface (3)
Architecture, digital technologies and contemporary cultures (3)
Case study as a research method (1)
Architecture, culture and cultural heritage (3)
Historiography of architecture (1)
Information technology systems applied to architectural and urban space (3)
Critical theory of the production of architectural space (3)
Paradigms of universal design (3)

Theory and history of architecture and urbanism and their relations with other arts and sciences
Architecture, cities and human sciences (4)
Workshop: how to think the open conditions to produce a Theory of Architecture? (3)
Architectural culture in the formation of Brazilian architecture (3)
History and critical analysis of art, architecture and cities (3)

Subjects and academic activities common to all research lines
Methodology of scientific research applied to Architecture and Urbanism (3) – mandatory for master’s students
Topics in Architecture and Urbanism I (1)
Topics in Architecture and Urbanism II (2)
Teaching Internship (3) – mandatory for grantees
Teaching Internship in Thematic Workshops (2) – mandatory for doctoral students
Teaching Internship in Seminar (1) – mandatory for doctoral students
Graduate Academic Activities (1 to 4)
Graduate project (2) – specific and mandatory activity for master’s students